Friday, July 6, 2018

Job Search Strategies - Networking

Networking is no longer about meeting colleagues and exchanging business cards. Networking has become more of a give-and-take practice that not only helps you with your credibility in your industry, but also shows that you have a vested interest in the success of people in your personal network. Networking gives your resume and social media presence legs. It demonstrates your engagement in an industry, your ability to communicate professionally, and makes you recognizable among peers & potential hiring managers. 

For example – if you see a role in your search that might be perfect for someone in your network, pass it along. Additionally, if you are looking for expertise from a subject matter expert, reach out to let your contact know that you value their opinion. If your contact is looking for advice, and you happen to have seen a great article that matches the ask – send it their way! Great networking is not about what you can absorb, but also what you can give back. Add value to your network, and you will see greater rewards in your own job search. #socialmedia #communication #jobsearch


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