Monday, August 20, 2018

Job Search Tip - Salary Requirements

More Information about Salary Requirements
If you are asked your salary requirements early in the hiring process, the company is using this question as a pre-screening tool. Be careful! If you answer too high you may disqualify yourself from the running and if you answer too low you may be depriving yourself of a much higher salary once hired.

Consider the following responses:
1. Negotiable
2. Depends on the benefits package
3. Share the salary range you have researched

Try the following approach:
"That's a great question that I will be able to answer later in the interview process once I know more about the position and its challenges, I should be able to accurately answer your question. Still, I have done research on, so I'd be looking for a position within the $k-$k base salary range. Clearly, you will want to be confident that I'm the right person for this position, as well, before discussing salary and benefit information with I correct in assuming that?"


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