Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Words of a Trusted Colleague

We all need someone who can help us with those job decision making folks. You never know when they will show up. You know how old people are lonely at parties? Well I try and talk to everyone I chat us this old lady who everyone is ignoring. She asks me what I do and I mention I’m trying to get into the entertainment business. She says My grandson is president of NBC can I introduce you? Who is going to say no to his grandmother?

Supporting someone for a job is someone who has the confidence to hire someone. It’s an owner, a stakeholder, someone who others don’t say no.

Once you get your meeting to have to know why you. You have to be respectful of the time you have for your meeting. And you have to explain in simple terms what problems you can solve for them.

If you know this you will have positive results.

It’s not your friends, but their friends, who provide your bear opportunities.

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