Friday, February 7, 2020

Hobbies / Interests

Many people want to include hobbies and interests on their resumes under the auspices that it makes she / he more personable or "relatable". Here is my take - Keep your business and personal separate. 

Your resume should provide the reasons why you are qualified for the job, therefore warranting an interview. Including hobbies and interests that ARE NOT related to work or can be inferred that you cannot be available during work hours can get you disqualified. Example - Little League Baseball Coach (nice thing to do, but it also infers that you cannot work late because you have to leave at 430pm to coach the players a couple of times a week. 

It is not the hiring manager's business what you do on your free time. Perhaps he / she hates baseball. Maybe the last person in that role failed to prioritize work from free time because of outside commitments.

 Save the personal stuff for down the road and keep it off the resume.

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