Monday, August 6, 2018

Tackle the "overqualified" label head on

Tackle the "overqualified" label head on

A risk employers see when considering older workers is the risk that the job being hired for is beneath the skills of an experienced applicant vying for the position. They don’t want to hire someone and invest in training and onboarding that person only to have that person get bored with the role and quickly quit.

Help put your potential boss at ease by letting that person know you’re interested in that role and why you are. According to AARP, some potential phrases to use are ones like “At this point in my career, I want to apply my skills to a new position or field” or “I’m more interested in flexibility and work-life balance, but would consider taking on more responsibility in the future, should it be offered.”

Your goal is to come across as a team player and someone who wants exactly what that job is offering. By doing so, you look far less risky to your future employer and far more likely to fit into the company’s culture.

Source - Motley Fool

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jomi said...

That is why the old employees are given more and are hired at a higher prices so that they can look at this now and can give company their best decisions about the risks involved.